Flash Light

Flash Light

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Photo by Albrecht E. Arnold/PIXELIO (Access: 28.09.2009)

Short description

All participants make a short statement regarding how they feel at the moment, how happy they are with the course or with progress in the project. It's a quick activity for finding out the mood or the ideas of a group of people.

Process description

The facilitator throws the ball to a participant who makes a statement. The facilitator should not comment on the statements but remember them or take notes in order to be able to later say something to the group. The person who made a statement throws the ball to the next person.

Required resources

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • Chat

  • Forum


Sample questions:

In order to clarify expectations and prerequisites:

  • What are your expectations today?

  • The meeting will (not) be successful if …..

To take a quick opinion poll:

  • How do you personally rate the results achieved so far?

When closing a session:

  • How do you rate your accomplishments?


Make sure the statements are short by announcing before this feedback round that everybody has only 20 seconds. If there are too many participants, the feedback can be done in writing:

  • with cards which can be put on a pin board

  • a diagram on a flip chart on which participants stick a dot to indicate a quick vote

PSI: https://psi.methopedia.eu/learning-activity/flash-light