Learning by teaching

Learning by teaching

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Short description

Learning by teaching is an activity-oriented teaching method, where pupils or students learn by teaching the material to each other. It can be used for any subject, school type, or age. Although the term is sometimes used to refer to situations where pupils from higher grades teach younger pupils, the term "Learning by Teaching" established itself in the educational profession as mutual teaching within a classroom. In Germany, learning through teaching in its modern form is linked to Jean-Pol Martin, who developed its overall pedagogical concept and disseminated it through his network of contacts.[1]

Process description

Learners or learning groups are assigned a topic. They have fixed time to collect and process the materials in order to prepare passing the acquired knowledge to other learners.

Required resources

Any possibility can be used. If the knowledge is gathered and organised on a computer, learners must have editing privileges when using, for example, a wiki or an LMS. They also need to posses sufficient technical competence not to be distracted by operational issues but focus on the main learning objective.


The demo course shows learning units which have been created by trainees (partly as a group) and subsequently completed by all participants of a course under the guidance of the "teachers".[2] Please click on "Demo" when the page opens, then continue to "Apprentices: Seminars".


In the LMS "sudile," the co-authors function exists to support this method. The author of a course can create any number of "empty" units and assign students authoring rights. Once the course is loaded into the system, those units become available to all course participants. See the detailed article about the learning platform sudile.[3]