Triangle of commonality

Triangle of commonality

Picture for Triangle of commonality

Photo by Rafael Penaloza (Access: 28.09.2009)

Short description

For this activity, participants form groups of three. They look for similarities based on previously agreed upon criteria.

Process description

  1. Three participants form a small group, they receive a large piece of paper and three pens.

  2. They draw a triangle. Near the corners they each write their name, age and other identifiying information.

  3. Then they draw commonalities which they have found during the conversation next to the sides which connect two people (e.g. Joe and Jane like to go snowboarding), or in the middle of the triange in case the all have this feature in common.

  4. After the assigned time has passed, each person is introducing someone from his/her group to the whold group.

Required resources

  • Wallpaper

  • Pens


A positive aspect of this activity is that commonalities are being visualized. Finding commonalities can strengthen group cohesion.