Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats

Picture for Six Thinking Hats

Image by S.Hofschlaeger/PIXELIO (Access: 28.09.2009)

Short description

Based on the 6 Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono this activity helps people see a problem from different angles with the idea to take a good decision to solve a situation. Each hat is a different style of thinking.

Process description

The members of a group will wear at same time the same hat. All of them will look at the problem from the same perspective.

Wearing the hats in turns, each member will give their opinion from the thinking had perspective:

  • White hat: they will focus on the data available

  • Red hat: they will look at the decision using emotions. Trying to guess how people will react emotionally.

  • Black hat: this is pessimistic thinking, why ideas might not work

  • Yellow hat: this is the optimistic point of view. At this time all the participants will think about the possible benefits, opportunities and value of the decision.

  • Green hat: this is the hat for creativity, all the creativity solutions are welcome during this thinking time.

  • Blue hat: this is more related to control and planning.

Required resources

The facilitator could bring the hat or he or she could ask participants to build the hats in this case they will need materials for that.


A general manager of a company has the idea to build a new building for the office. The financial situation is good in the company and they really need more space. So he could use the 6 Thinking Hats to chose the best course of action.