Picture painting

Picture painting

Picture for Picture painting

Photo by Clara J./PIXELIO (Access: 28.09.2009)

Short description

Participants paint a term provided by the facilitator together in a small group. The pictures are presented to the other groups and discussed.

Process description

  1. Participants are split up in small groups of 3 to 5 people. Each group receives paper for drawing and pens.

  2. The facilitator names a topic, a spontaneous question or term related to the topic (What would an ideal office look like?).

  3. The group members draw a picture regarding the proposed idea or term. This should take about 15 mins (possibly with light background music.

  4. Each group presents their picture to the other groups who then can guess the content and the message of the picture.

  5. Next, each group comments on their own picture. The facilitator jots down key words on cards. These are then placed onto the pin board next to the pictures.

  6. After all groups have presented their pictures, the keywords are analysed and possibly clustered.

  7. The collected keywords can serve as a starting point for further work on the subject. Thus focus topics for forming work groups can be identified.

Required resources

  • Big sheets of paper for each group,

  • Crayons or markers in different colours

  • Cards, pins and a pin board

  • possibly music

PSI: https://psi.methopedia.eu/learning-activity/picture-painting