Letter to myself

Letter to myself

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Short description

At the end of a course, participants write a letter to themselves which the the facilitator sends out after a certain interval to remind the participants of their ideas and intentions.

Process description

  1. The facilitator hands out paper, envelopes and pens to all participants.

  2. She explains the process.

  3. The participants now write a letter to themselves where they summarize what they have learned, what they want to implement and how.

  4. Participants put postage on the envelope and write their address on it.

  5. The facilitator collects the letters and sends them to the participants after a certain interval, e.g. four weeks.

Required resources

  • Paper for each participant

  • Envelopes for each participant

  • Stamps

  • Pens


Sample questions:

  • Thoughts about my goals and aspirations

  • What I want to accomplish this year

  • How can I reach these goals?


This letter is meant for a final reflection of the event. Participants can take stock of the course. It also serves as a reminder when the memory of the event and its activities and suggestions has faded or been forgotten.

PSI: https://psi.methopedia.eu/learning-activity/letter-to-myself


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