Round of keys

Round of keys

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Short description

A guided activity for getting to know members of a group.

Process description

At the beginning of a session, all participants introduce each other with the help of their key chain. They say their name, show their keys, explain what they are for and tell some stories about themselves or the significance of the keys. They may also explain in which way the key is related to the topic of the seminar.

Required resources

  • key chains


"My name is Uwe. This is the key to my bicycle chain, which is very important to me because I am an avid cyclist. I ride my bicycle to improve my fitness."

Sample 1:


Sample 2:



If participants do not have a key chain, they can refer to their keys from memory or use other objects to describe. For example you can ask your students to describe the clothes they are wearing at the moment or the content of their bags or pockets.

For on-line: you can ask your students on forum, chat or videoconference to describe ojects on their desks or in the room they are sitting. Facilitator should encourage participants to talk about the personal significance of the objects rather than just naming or describing them.