Homeworks anonymous

Homeworks anonymous

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Short description

The goal of this activity is for participants to become more aware of their own writing process and learn from the strategies of others.

Process description

Participants receive the following starting text which they are supposed to complete in writing….

I am the project report of … and I have been thinking.... I don’t want anybody else to write me. But it is not easy with him/her. Therefore, I am glad I can share my concerns here…

Afterwards, participants are asked to work in pairs and read their texts to each other. The idea is that they exchange their views on their writing strategies and experiences with each other.

Required resources

  • Paper

  • Pen




The instructor should watch that participants do not just share their problems but also make constructive suggestions for improving each others writing strategy or point out what works well.

PSI: https://psi.methopedia.eu/learning-activity/homework-anonymous