Picture for Discussion

Image by Peter Koppatz (letzter Zugriff: 26.12.2009)

Process description

This is a „point zero“ example: before the web: Everyone talks to each other; sometimes they listen to each other, too. Basic, maybe fundamental (before we get to all this high-tech schnick-schnack).

Process description

No WLAN necessary, a quiet room helps.

Required resources

Or, as we discussed, sometimes people „talk“, sometimes they „emit“, and sometimes they „scream“.


So-called „face-to-face“ (f2f) communications might still play a role in „e-learning“; presumably, that's what „blended learning“ means: integrating f2f and mediated communications.


Some see technology weakening (limiting practice, allowing for more distance) f2f communications. Others see technology, such as communicating between f2f, supporting communications.


Create a number of groups (of any size). Invite one group to sit and listen to lectures. Invite another read texts on their own and simply offer „multiple choice“ tests. Invite a third listen 1/3 lectures and the rest of class time go for coffee. Invite a fourth group to use whatever technology they would like to work together.

PSI: https://psi.methopedia.eu/learning-activity/discussion