Note cards

Note cards

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Image by Andy Ciordia (Access: 30.09.2009)

Short description

A method to learn facts, concepts or vocabulary by heart.

Process description

Basic Procedure

  1. Take a card

  2. Read it

  3. Think of a response

  4. Turn the card and check your response

  5. Put the card away

Sorting method

  1. First, all cards are in the first compartment.

  2. If you have answered a question correctly, put it in the next compartment.

  3. When the first compartment has been emptied, start on the second one.

  4. If you answer correctly, move the card to the third if not, move it back to the first.

Required resources

Note cards and a box with dividers. Questions can also be assembled electronically and printed with the computer.


This way of learning is very systematic and is more suitable for memorizing than for learning new material.