Parliamentary discussion

Parliamentary discussion

Picture for Parliamentary discussion

Picture from workshop at the methopedia project

Short description

Suitable as a goal-oriented task for large groups (at least 30 people). Requires clear definition of the goals by workshop organizers in advance. Minimum time required is 3 hours.

Process description

  1. Preparation

    • The workshop leaders first define the purpose

    • Participants are divided into same size groups according to earlier defined criteria (e.g. according to age, education, or regional affiliation)

    • Rules of the game are defined and distributed by the workshop leaders

  2. Implementation

    • A topic is given to the (parliamentary) groups, so they can define their position

    • According to a set timetable, the faction leaders meet to determine an overall notion

    • A plenary discussion with equally allocated speaker times follows

    • To close, a democratic vote takes place, so the overall result can be logged

  3. Completion

    • The workshop organizers produce the final report in a timely fashion

Required resources

  • Game rules

  • paper

  • flip chart

  • presentation equipment