Buzz group

Buzz group

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Short description

The Buzz Group is a method for larger groups of participants, e.g. for inviting people to voice their own opinions during a talk or to increase their engagement and involvement, but also to for the clarification of questions.

Process description

  1. Form groups

  2. Each group is presented with a situation and asked to think about it and exchange ideas.

  3. Each group works on possible outcomes and makes a plan of action.

  4. After ten minutes a participants can leave the group and move on to another one.

Required resources

  • a meeting space with separated areas for groups to meet

  • paper and pens




I didn't get the point of this method: only one(!) participant can change the group after 10 minutes? And the others will go on in the topic discussion - with or without a new person? So, a group can also be splitted or dissolved? Is there a time limit for the whole process? (Margit Scholl)